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How to update prisma and migrate to new version.


In this tutorial you will learn how to upgrade prisma and migrate to new version.

Tags: Prisma, Docker, Typescript

Time to read: 2 min


  • Familiarity with the command line
  • Install Node.js version 16.0 or higher
  • Install Docker and Docker Compose. Easiest way is to install Docker Desktop which includes both. Read more how to install here.
  • A working Nuxt 3 project with prisma.
  1. Update all packages related to prisma in the package.json file.
  2. Build and deploy your application to your server.
  3. Enter the docker container with below command:
docker exec -it my_container_name sh
  1. Run below command to start migration
npx prisma migrate dev
  1. Select a migration name or just press enter for default name.
  2. Type "exit" and press enter to leave the docker image, and now you are done!

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